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These rugs have been hooked by hand in the traditional manner using a simple wooden-handled hook. 
They are made of strong 3-ply rug wool yarn that is pulled up loop-by-loop through a foundation of linen. Many of the yarns have been hand-dyed.

 The patterns for these rugs have been inspired and created from ethnic floral designs and old textiles. They honor the artistic life and tradition of a variety of countries.  In this way, they bring us closer to other cultures and times.

Prices are listed below the rugs that are for sale. Trace patterns are also available for many rugs. Please contact Margaret Arraj.

  Please click on any rug to enlarge:

Tabriz Tree

Size: 19" by "30"
Source: a Tabriz Oriental Rug

Van Gogh Footstool

Size: 15" by "21"
Source: Van Gogh, "Branches with Wild Roses"
private collection

Macintosh Roses

Size: 20" by "30"
Source: an art nouveau textile


 Size: 24.5" by 28"
Source: an art nouveau textile adaptation

Pat's Sheep

Size: 30" by 42"
Source: an antique Chinese letter pouch
private collection

Art Nouveau Tile Rug

Size: 24" by 24"
Source: an art nouveau tile

Kashmir Footstool

Size: 11" by 15"
Source: an antique Kashmir shawl


Size: 16.5" by 16.5"
Source: vintage Swedish embroidery

Art Nouveau Tile Footstool

Size: 13" by 23" with storage
Source: an art nouveau tile
private collection


Size: 16" by 16.75"
Source: an antique kimono detail

The Morris Bench

Size: 17" by 38"
Source:  a William Morris Hammersmith rug
private collection

Chinese Birds

Size: 25" x 28"
Source: part of an antique
Chinese rug


Size: 24" x 30"
Source: Yoshiko Yamamoto's Oak Glen
with permission
private collection

Voysey Tulips

Size: 21.5" by 37"
Source: wallpaper by C.A. Voysey

Stormy Seas

Size: 16" x 24"
Source: Rene Quillivic drawing
private collection

The Italian Vase

Size:  22.5" by 27"
Source: Tabernacle door, Italy, 17th century

Sailing the Seas

Size: 20.5" by 21.5"
Source: a drawing by Rene Quillivic, c. 1923
private collection

Japanese Iris

Size: 21" by 24.5"
Source: an antique Japanese screed

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